Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sarawak Regatta & Colours Of Nature Photography Challenge

Another month is coming to an end. August will be an exciting and more busy month for me. I am going off to Kuching tomorrow and will cover the Kuching Festival and Sarawak Regatta. Heard that the Sarawak Regatta this year attracts more than 6,000 participants. It will definately be a grand and noisy event over the weekend. On Sunday, I will join other Photographers from Sibu and Kuching to visit Borneo Highlands Resort outside Kuching City. Most of us will take part in the 2008 Colours of Nature Photography Challenge organised by Borneo Highlands Resort. For more details see their website at I will also meet up with two big bosses and high school classmates, Dato Clement Hii ( ) and Mr. Hii King Chiong, CEO of Kingwood and Fonsen group of companies.Among topics of our discussion will be the proposed reunion on April 5, 2009 at the Kingwood Hotel, Sibu.My photography and other assignments next month will also bring me to Miri, Bintulu, kanowit,Pulau Burit and Mukah.


-eiling- said...

wah so happening. wishing you all the best and enjoy yourself!

Hardy said...

How wonderful that I could join you & the other photographers there but I have a little bit busy schedule

sarawakiana said...


Have a good time doing all those wonderful things.

Call me when you are in Miri.

hornbill said...

Mygdnes... really like your pic rubberseed... wish can learn more from you...

cc said...

Enjoy yourself! Look forward to more photos! :)

p/s: Are you using IE 7? Do you have problem viewing my blog? Thanks in advance for letting me know.

rubberseeds said...

Sorry my dear friends, for the late reply.I just returned home this evening.

eiling:Thanks for your well wishes.There were even photographers from Penang taking part in the "Colours Of Nature" photography contest. Come and join us next year.

Hardy: Wish you were with us. There were 6 of us from Sibu

Sarawakiana: Thank you. Will surely call you and also meet you while in Miri.

Hornbill: Hi, welcome to my blog and thanks for liking my pictures.Hope one day I can visit your longhouse.No problem at all to share and learn photography skills together

CC: Thank you.Will post lots of pictures here soon. I have no problem viewing your blog.