Monday, July 21, 2008

Poco-poco dance

Seen here doing the Poco-Poco dance is Dayangku Normaliza Pangiran Tambi (yellow shirt),wife of Jemoreng Assemblyman, YB Abu Seman Jahwie

Look more like pulling a fishing net than planting rice!

Age is certainly not a problem

There are a lot more lady participants.......

.........where have all the men gone?

Free drinks from Vico....Milo seems not interested in sponsoring Poco-Poco

YB Abu Seman Jahwie handing over a present to a lucky draw winner

The Poco-Poco dance craze is currently sweeping over Sarawak. Sibu alone had two Poco-Poco dance performances over last weekend. Both successfully attracted several hundred young and old participants of different races. The dance originated from the Minahasa people of Sulawesi, Indonesia and the dance steps are said to be originated from farming activities such as planting rice,picking cloves,peeling coconut fibre and hoeing the vegetable field.It became very popular throughout Indonesia a few years ago and it was integrated into aerobic classes and dance schools. In multi racial Malaysia, the government officials hope that Poco-Poco dance can serve as a platform where members of the different races can come together and interact.


abana said...

YB poco-poco..a new rythm in our Sarawak politics

rubberseeds said... election every one will be poco-poco every where!

Hardy said...

Looks like you really have a busy & wonderful weekend.

rubberseeds said...

Hi Hardy, where have you been? Was expecting you at the poco-poco event.

Hardy said...

I was there a bit too late. (Lucky draw). So just sit in the car for a while.
I was at the Sibu Gateway on Sunday morning but I didn't see you guys.

cc said...

Looks a bit like kung-fu! LOL

rubberseeds said...

Hardy: We had some other assignments on Sunday

cc: haha, whatever we can think of!