Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gang of 4

We love the excellent Chef at Paramount Hotel

The service is always good and on top of that this private room is always reserved for us.

We always have two fish , one grilled and one steamed. The above fish is Ikan Terupok.

This is "Red Eye" a fresh water fish from the interior. Very soft and sweet. We usually bring our own fish and the restaurant just cook for us.

Look very tempting, but I seldom eat them now because they make my tongue so itchy.

This specially prepared duck is sent to us by a friend in Kanowit.

This is sea cucumber with mushroom and kai lang flower

Guess what?...this is shark fin soup and in the bottom there is an abalone.

We call ourseleves the gang of 4 as we have been good buddies for many years. Although each of us has totally different occupation, we share the same interests in photography,travel, current affairs and all of us are quite crazy for seafood. I particularly love fish, but in recent years almost completely avoid prawn and crab as I am allergic to them. For many years we have made it a habbit to get together at least twice a month to savour food and wine together. However the last one month we have been dinning together almost twice every week! Last night's dinner was a little bit more special because one of the gang members treated us to an expensive dinner and a friend in kanowit (about 80 km from Sibu) sent us his signature dish, the Cantonese ginger duck.


Tony Hii said...

rubberseeds, it is wonderful to have buddies together chatting over fine foods and drinks. You were enjoying your life!

rubberseeds said...

Tony:yes,it is always enjoyable to have the company of good friends.