Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A false alarm

Some one's daughter or Indonesian maid trying to run away? It was what I thought when I first saw this girl trying to climb over the front gate of my neighbour's house.I quickly grabbed my camera and shot through the glass window,making sure not to alarm any one.But then I realized the girl was climbing into the house, not out of it.

Already on top of the gate's post. She must be extra careful as any wrong move would be very fatal.Look at those large, spear-like spikes on top of the gate waiting for her buttocks!

She stood up, did some balancing acts and got the aluminium ladder inside the gate. Another maid was assisting her.

The whole episode only lasted 2-3 minutes.My neighbour has 3 or 4 Indonesian workers helping in his restaurant. He is lucky as he always can get good and hard working Indonesian workers. This girl has to climb into the house because neither she nor the other maid at home has the remote control to the auto gate.

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