Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Empowering the blind

This is Irene (not her real name), one of the inmates of the Sibu Branch of Sarawak Society for the Blind. She has been trained to make handicrafts, especially weaving of rattan baskets. According to Mr. John Wong, (pictured below) Irene is skillful, very hard working and she makes very fine baskets.

John is one of the very few selfless and caring personalities in charity work. He has been Secretary of the Sibu Branch of Sarawak Society for the Blind for more than 30 years, serving under the past Chairman like Senator Datuk Ting Ming Hoi, Datuk Hii Yu Ho,Mr. John Lim and the present Chairman, Mr. Clarence Ting. The Sibu branch was registered in 1963 and presently located at Bukit Lima. Its two sheltered workshops are home to more than 20 blind people who are rehabilitated there for basic education, vocational training and employment. Operational fund for the organization is mostly raised from the public during its annual open day which normally falls on the month of September or October.


Tony Hii said...

rubberseeds, Sibu needs more caring people like John Wong. I came to know him ever since I joined the hotel line.

rubberseeds said...

Tony: certainly we need more such people. But unfortunately they are a dying breed. John said he would relinquish his secretary post in the near future.