Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sarawak Regatta & Colours Of Nature Photography Challenge

Another month is coming to an end. August will be an exciting and more busy month for me. I am going off to Kuching tomorrow and will cover the Kuching Festival and Sarawak Regatta. Heard that the Sarawak Regatta this year attracts more than 6,000 participants. It will definately be a grand and noisy event over the weekend. On Sunday, I will join other Photographers from Sibu and Kuching to visit Borneo Highlands Resort outside Kuching City. Most of us will take part in the 2008 Colours of Nature Photography Challenge organised by Borneo Highlands Resort. For more details see their website at I will also meet up with two big bosses and high school classmates, Dato Clement Hii ( ) and Mr. Hii King Chiong, CEO of Kingwood and Fonsen group of companies.Among topics of our discussion will be the proposed reunion on April 5, 2009 at the Kingwood Hotel, Sibu.My photography and other assignments next month will also bring me to Miri, Bintulu, kanowit,Pulau Burit and Mukah.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The story of Pulai

I am still single but already getting excited to having my own family

My neighbour has many children (small trees) already

My name is Pulai, one of the species of Alstonia. If you don't know me, you should know my cousin, the Jelutong (Dyera Costulata), who is much more popular than me.I was just a small seedling when a big flood carried me to this alien place. The strong current had stripped me totally nake and I was also injured on my tiny legs (roots).I thought I couldn't survive. Luckily I was trapped on a vine and managed to hold on until the flood subsided. Then one afternoon a strong wind blew me off the vine and I landed on the ground. There I put my feet on solid ground again after almost a week.I was fortunate also to land on shady ground, a perfect place where I could rest and recover from my injuries. In just a few days I felt power in my legs and they could slowly penetrate into the soft top soil for water and food. My hands (branches)also became strong and leaves started growing on them. They were so cute and beautiful, so soft and tender.The cruel flood was a blessing in disguise. It had left behind a lot of food.I ate like crazy, just wanting to grow up fast and reach for the sky. It wasn't fun to hide under some body's back all the time and couldn't see the sun.Each passing day I grew stronger and taller and one day I finally broke free. I realized I was about 5 feet tall,now standing above almost all the other vines and bushes. As I could now receive sunlight directly, it meant I would grow even faster. One fine day I heard a lot of disturbing sound not too far away. My taller neighbours told me someone was making a long and wide drain behind us to mitigate the flood. For several days I heard screams and cries from my friends who were being chainsawed and pushed to death by the excavators. But I survived again because I was not standing in their path. I am now 12 years old, standing almost 15 meters high with a body diameter of 40 cm. I am still single, living all alone by myself and surrounded by the children and grand children of the vines and bushes who once protected me. My mother once told me long ago that I would one day become a mum too when I reach about 15 years old.One of my neighbours is 10 years older than me and she already has many children.I am so excited now because in 3 years' time I can also produce flowers and fruits and start growing my own children.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Be happy, don't worry

We always say if you have no worries, you are the most happy man in the world.And who really has no worries? Rich people would worry about how to make more money and how to spend money. Poor people everyday worry about how and where to earn more money just to survive. We always think mentally sick people have no worry. That is wrong.Look at the above pictures. He surely is mentally not sound. Look more closely at his facial expression...he obviously looks very disturbed and worried. Among the mentally sick people and wanderers or homeless people in Sibu, this guy can be considered the "class 1 category". He is clean,properly attired, no visible injuries on his body and looks physically strong. Can anybody explains why is he in this situation, having so many throwaway cans, plastic bags and containers ,umbrella handle etc all over his body? I think we can only achieve total peace of mind in next life, that is if you go to heaven.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Strikingly elegant

The make-up for an Iban lady contestant of a traditional beauty contest could take more than three hours and require the painstaking efforts of several male and female beauticians. I asked for permission to go backstage to observe and took these images to share with you all. The beauticians are mostly close family members or relatives who learn the skills from their elders. Apart from the usual facial make-up and hairdo,each girl is fully adorned with many kilos of silver belts,coins,necklaces,head-dresses,beads and bangles. Many of these are heirlooms passed down from their ancestors hence they are family treasures and always treat as priceless items which the family would jealously keep and protect for their future generations.The full splendour of the ethnic costume greatly restricts movement of the contestant and she has to be extra careful while doing the catwalk.Nonetheless, it is strikingly elegant and colourful. The hours of effort put into beautifying a contestant could be handsomely paid off when she wins the beauty contest. She will instantly bring fame and prestige to herself, her family and the whole community.

Poco-poco dance

Seen here doing the Poco-Poco dance is Dayangku Normaliza Pangiran Tambi (yellow shirt),wife of Jemoreng Assemblyman, YB Abu Seman Jahwie

Look more like pulling a fishing net than planting rice!

Age is certainly not a problem

There are a lot more lady participants.......

.........where have all the men gone?

Free drinks from Vico....Milo seems not interested in sponsoring Poco-Poco

YB Abu Seman Jahwie handing over a present to a lucky draw winner

The Poco-Poco dance craze is currently sweeping over Sarawak. Sibu alone had two Poco-Poco dance performances over last weekend. Both successfully attracted several hundred young and old participants of different races. The dance originated from the Minahasa people of Sulawesi, Indonesia and the dance steps are said to be originated from farming activities such as planting rice,picking cloves,peeling coconut fibre and hoeing the vegetable field.It became very popular throughout Indonesia a few years ago and it was integrated into aerobic classes and dance schools. In multi racial Malaysia, the government officials hope that Poco-Poco dance can serve as a platform where members of the different races can come together and interact.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My new, young friends

Just became friends with Joe and Mie a few days ago and they were kind enough to invite Abana( and myself to a gathering of Scooter Attack Customs Sarawak (SACS) at Jubilee Park.The gathering was organized by SACS's Sibu Chapter to celebrate its second anniversary. Some SACS members came all the way from Sarikei, Bintangor and Kuching to support this fun-filled event.Apart from barbecue and lucky draw events, several new members were also recruited. For myself it was an opportunity to socialize and make more new friends, the majority of whom are only half my age.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Air Wave Band at Bamboo House Lounge

Every 3 months I have one opportunity to meet and photograph pretty and sexy girls.This previlege is given by Premier Hotel (, which is a 3-star, 12-storey and 189-room hotel in the heart of Sibu Town. The Bamboo House Lounge on the 1st floor of the hotel has nightly live entertainment by its resident band.Each band performs for a maximum period of 3 months.When a new band arrives, I have the opportunity to photograph them first hand for the hotel management. The current new band from the Philippines is called the Air Wave Band.The 3-girl and 1-man band is vocally and physically very impressive. If you want to listen to good songs, watch exciting live performances while having a cold draught beer, Bamboo House Lounge is the right choice. The lounge of course also serves other beverages,including more than 50 types of wine. But with the presence of these hot performers, I for one would prefer only cold beverages instead of anything else which would further increase my body temperature. Air Wave Band....if you ever come again, please change to a more appropriate name. How about Heat Wave Band? Thanks to Tony Hii (, Premier's Marketing Manager for the free drinks.