Monday, June 16, 2008

Sorry, I just kissed you too hard

It reminds me of the recent devastating earthquake in Szechuan,China.

How could such a solid, double-roofed Chinese style pavilion fell like a pile of cards in earthquake- free Sibu, Sarawak?

The culprit wasn't far away.He didn't run away from responsibility anyway, although his priority was still to discharge cargoes at the Rajang Port Authority's wharf in Sibu.

He was considered lucky to only inflict unpon himself a not-so-big hole above the water level. And more lucky were the 5 people who escaped in time before the concrete structure crushed and buried them. The incident happened recenltly at around noon when a very careless skipper of this cargo ship kissed this beautiful pavilion good bye. There are two pavilions built on top of extended concrete platforms next to the Tua Pek Kong temple as a beautification project initiated by the temple management. Each day the two pavilions normally attract dozens of visitors who go there to admire the scenery of the waterfront and the Rajang River and some anglers come to try their luck too. According to the temple sources, the damage is estimated at RM half a million and it will take months to rebuild. So who pays for the damages? The insurance company of course and I think the skipper is fired.

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