Friday, June 13, 2008

Sleeping With Open Eyes

My good photographer friend Kahlid aka "Albana" described his experience owning a new Canon EOS 5D + a Canon 24-105mm lens as "sleeping with open eyes". He has just upgraded from Canon EOS 400D to 5D. Congratulations!

The Canon EOS 5D is every photographer's dream as it is a professional dslr with many advanced features to play around,that is if you are a Canon lover. And perhaps the best thing is, it is a full frame camera using CMOS sensor. But for me, all these while I have been a loyal Nikon user.

" Albana" purposely took a day off from work and smsed me that he would like to test his new gear together with me. So we drove off to a secluded location near Sibu Jaya to wait for a not so spectacular sunset over a large pond. The above pictures were taken with my Nikon D40X, certainly the RM11,000 Canon EOS 5D can perform much better. We definately will have many photographic outings and adventures together in the months and years ahead as we are planning to fully utilize the weekends and public holidays to just shoot and shoot and shoot..........

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