Saturday, June 14, 2008

A picture tells a story

Shaking legs normally means one is carefree, very free and so is enjoying life. In the olden days Foochow parents would not allow their children to shake their legs because during those days every one ought to be busy working very hard to survive, so where got time to shake legs and be lazy? The other day I observed sitting next to my table in a Chinese restaurant, a young lady not wearing her shoes. At first I did not see her legs as well as she was sitting buddha style on the comfortable chair.Throughout the dinner she left her pair of shoes neatly on the floor...she certainly knows how to enjoy life and the food as well, to the fullest!
This piggy is destined for the cooking pot.Put inside a polythene bag only with its nose poking out from a hole to breathe, it is like being blind-folded. It still manages to sit on the floor of a small long boat waiting for the owner to bring him home to be slaughtered for the Gawai Dayak celebration.

My honest guess is this man is the driver of the pick-up, too tired after hours of driving. He finds himself a comfortable place to have a much needed rest and sleep, despite being beside a noisy market.

I have seen people loving their cars more than their wives. Spending hours to pamper them with polish and decorating the interior etc etc whenever they are free. I shot this picture from inside a moving car without winding down the windscreen, of a taxi driver washing his car's tyre and rim. The car was parked in an area exclusive for taxis and while waiting for his turn to pick up passengers, he made full use of the little free time to make sure his car was in absolute tip top, dust free conditions.My impression is the driver is a very responsible and careful person so it is safe to let him drive you any where.


cc said...

Great post! I too like to observe these little snippets of life. More often than not, they tell wonderful stories.
The photo of the piggy breaks my heart a little.

Anonymous said...

shaking legs is equivalent to begger. it is not just foochow but also many asians belive in it

Yan said...

My late dad was also very strict about shaking legs. It was more like being "unladylike". Thus it seems like among siblings - brothers shake, not the sisters. For that, I am thankful.

I do hear comments like you are shaking your fortune away!

It's "no-no" for both my children. My reasoning? You are disturbing the peace of others. For example, if you are in the church, if you shake, the whole pew of worshippers feel the shake...

Hey, Happy Fathers' Day to you and all your readers who are fathers! Those who are mothers - happy fathers' day to your hubby!

Not only in shaking legs, I always play fair :)

Anonymous said...

you may not be able to swallow well when you see smelly feet nearby!

rubberseeds said...

cc: You are right. Those little little things are always wonderful stuff to cherish in our life.Pig is one of the most important and common animals for the Dayaks of Sarawak. They kill them for food and for ritual ceremonies.

anonymous:Really? I don't know that many other Asians also believe shaking legs may bring bad luck or misfortune.

Yan:Our forefathers were already so strict on us, so be a little more lenient to our children...let them shake legs at home when they cannot disturb others!. Thanks for being so thoughtful to wish me and every one "Happy Father's Day". The same wish goes to your hubby and your children's father, PL.

anonymous:Luckily I didn't smell anything bad during dinner that evening...or else I would steal them and let her walk home in her bare feet!