Sunday, June 8, 2008

Morning scenes around the KK Fish Market

Swimming in the sea near the KK Fish Market. Does he swim like a champion?
Sea weeds from Sempona, near Tawau in eastern Sabah

Would you like buying and eating these colourful fish? I won't!

These "red fish" are quite popular among the locals

Workers sorting a pile of fish which has just arrived

Crowds outside the fish market trying to buy the most fresh fish

The KK Fish Market--standing out against the blue sky and sea

A newly arrived trawler at the fish market

Trawlers leaving for the catch again
The day breaks at 5.30 am in KK. Through out the day the waterfront area will remain very busy and interesting , at least for a Photographer like me who love watching and taking photos of the boats and people coming and leaving.


Anonymous said...

I sometimes regret that Sibu is not near the sea. We would have much better view if our ancestor picked up another location. I guess our ancestors were hungry for land to farm. If they lived near the sea, they could be just fishermen instead of farmers.

rubberseeds said...

I feel exactely the same, why we are not near to the sea or up in the hills? The swampy nature of the land in Sibu has been giving us enough problems and inconveniences for decades.And now the flooding problems.....