Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Men's shameful act

Is it a lack of public toilets that this man has to pee here? Or is it because some men still have that bad and very impolite habbit of doing his buisiness in public places? The photo was taken near a very prominent and busy place in a East Malaysian city. Shame to us men, I was very embarrassed when I saw him doing it and I decided to take the photo to condemn the uncivilized act. I also took another close-up photo on the floor which showed that not only this man had "watered" the place. Judging by the wetness on the floor and the very strong and unpleasant smell, I can safely say dozens of men have urinated here or several men have urinated here dozen of times.


Yan said...

That's really disgusting.

I have also seen parents conveniently let their children answer their nature's call by the road side, at the drain, boys and girls alike.

rubberseeds said...

Yan: You are correct, I have seen this from time to time on our streets.Some of the parents must be rich people,highly educated as well because they drive expensive cars and are smartly dressed.