Friday, June 6, 2008

Feeding wild squirrels

Malaysian wild squirrels are normally very scare of human, but not these two at the Kinabalu National Park. I first spotted one of them just outside the Timpohon Gate at 1,866m where climbers usually begin their summit assault on the highest mountain in South East Asia.It didn't dare to approach me close enough to let me photograph him. But suddenly I saw him approaching cautiously to a maroon flask. He must be thinking that it was something he could eat. Another one then joined him. A few of us noticed them and we were busy taking photographs while the owner of the flask, a Japanese climber, pulled out some crackers to feed them. As more climbers returned from the summit and gathered there to watch them, the two little cute animals jumped off into the dense forest.


Anonymous said...

Rubber seed, your nice pictures.
By the way, when I was small, the most well known photographer was the achahari. You probably know him.

rubberseeds said...

Thanks for viewing and your comment. Yes, I have known Achahari (Ngu Nii Soon)for 25 years. Just met him last night in town. He is still working with See Hua Daily News.