Thursday, June 12, 2008

Down And Out

Date: 4/6/2008, Location: Beside a restaurant in KK Waterfront, Time: 06.51.20 Cast: 4 Malaysian teenage boys and 2 teenage girls
The above scene is fit for a movie depicting Malaysian dxxx addicts. I was shocked to come across this group of youngsters, 3 of them apparently very drunk (or overdosed) near the KK Waterfront last week. The place is near to some very hot entertainment centres and my guess was that these guys had too much fun the night before. June 4th was a Wednesday,wow! they really know how to enjoy life...could'nt even wait until weekend. The two girls were flat on the laps of two boys, motionless, one boy was down and 3 were awake but looked weary and lost. I am sure they won't dare to go home, fearing punishment from their parents. During my 5 days in KK, I did'nt see any policeman patrolling the streets, so I presume it is now a very safe city. Just wonder what the police would do to these guys if they stumble upon them. And what would you do if you were their parents and caught them in such an embarrassing situation?

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