Sunday, June 22, 2008

The coca cola man

This is Mr Beruang, an 84 year-old Iban man living in Bawang Assan.I spotted Beruang while walking on a raised plankwalk leading to a jetty. He was squatting there like a lost soul, must be feeling unwanted and rejected. As I walked nearer, he stood up to greet me, murmuring something which I could not understand. Then he asked for "duit"(money).I gave him RM10 and he almost immediately turned around,walking towards a motor boat moored at the jetty.He climbed up the boat in a clumsy manner, I even feared that he would accidently slip and fall into the river.When he came out 5 minutes later, he had a tin of coca cola in his hand. He looked happy and from the expression on his face I knew he was grateful to me. An hour later I was so surprised to see Mr.Beruang again, this time standing near my car to wish me "Selamat jalan" (safe journey).


Sarawakiana said...

Although I may own more pairs of shoes than I need, I have always been keen to take photos of people who do not have shoes to wear, or do not wear shoes at all.

You have taken a remarkable photo of a bare footed old man. The picture tells a thousand words.

Photos have so much to tell us. Thank you.

rubberseeds said...

yeah, I also haven't seen people walking bare footed for a long time.You reminded me of my childhood days when I was always walking bare footed to school.It was a luxury in those days to own a pair of shoes.