Thursday, May 8, 2008

Trapped...and dying a slow death

I was alerted by some flapping sound above me and as I looked up, I saw two swallows. At the first glance I thought they were mating. But after a more careful look, I noticed the two birds were infact trapped by the net and were dangling there to die. Their legs were tightly entangled in the net.Swallows are a nuisance in many parts of Sarawak because they make their nests below the roof of many buildings and dirty the environment with their foul droppings.They multiply very fast and it looks like there is no way to eliminate them.If you destroy their nests, they would just come again in no time. The owner of this building uses fishing net to trap the birds. This method does prevent the birds from making their nests but it creates another problem of getting rid of the dead birds. How does he take down the trapped birds? Well, no other way except by climbing up a tall ladder and untangle the dead birds from the net. It is risky and dangerous, but he has no other better choice.

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