Friday, May 16, 2008

Sibu's Bendy Roads:From Jalan Jelutong to Wisma Sanyan (Part 2)

Have you had enough rest? I just had a cold beer to cool down from the heat of the burning sun. So lets get down to finish the second half of the bendy journey. After going through 6 bends, you come out from the back lane to reach another back lane. Yes , you have arrived at another back lane. I know just one beer cannot make me blur.Here you will see the back gate of the Methodist Secondary School. Now you turn left (B7) as the car above does.

As you enter this second back lane, you see another high concrete wall to your right. A large section of this wall has cracked and is in danger of falling. If it falls to its right, it falls into the Malay graveyard. If it falls to its left, it may just hit you head on. Bend No 8 (B8) is already in sight. Follow the van and motorcycle above and turn left to reach another turn as seen in the next picture.

As the blue and white arrow sign shows, you turn to right (B9) Drive slowly, don't bang into this Kembara!. Now in yet another back lane, you are driving behind Ruby Restaurant and Hap Seng Auto which is the Mercedes-Benz dealer.

OK, you are almost out of this crazy back lane driving! You see Maybank right infront of you.When the traffic is clear, turn left. (B10) You are now driving on the broken section of Jalan Kampong Nyabor. The Jalan Kampong Nyabor was a major road in the town centre, but it was broken into two sections when the stupid Mist Garden was created right in the middle of the road. You may not be aware that this portion of road (infront of RH Hotel , Maybank, Hong Kong Bank RHB Delta and Hong Leong Bank) is still called Jalan Kampong Nyabor. Isn't it more appropriate to rename it or simply name it Lower Jalan Kampong Nyabor? The Upper Jalan Kampong Nyabor should be from the Post Office until the traffic lights infront of Kenturkey Fried Chicken beside the Tanahmas Hotel. You may also not know that the small lane where Ruby Restaurant, Hap Seng Auto are located is also called Jalan Kampong Nyabor. A side lane beside the AM Bank is called Jalan Tuanku Osman Lane 1. And this lane could perhaps be the shortest lane in Malaysia. Some body go and measure it please. Bend No.11 (B11) is beside the stupid Mist Garden infront of Appolo KTV. This bend is considered a smooth turn. Now you are driving along Raminway. You must make your left turn (B12) infront of Star Cineplex into Jalan Morsidi Sidek. And right at the end of this road is Wisma Sanyan. But you can't simply leave your car in the middle of the road to go to this 27-story building which is the tallest in Borneo. You need two more turns, if you are lucky, to find yourself a parking lot. So that makes a total of 14 turns for such a short distance from Jalan Jelutong to Wisma Sanyan. Part Two has finally came to a conclusion. I am dazed, aren't you? I just need another 2 cold beer to get out of these mess.


Yan said...

It's sure more than a long and winding road!

Tony Hii said...

Philip, perhaps it is only in Sibu that we have this sort of road system. And our traffic -light system is equally ridiculous. Try to experience the one along Brooke Drive at the left-turn to Jalan Keranji.

Tony Hii said...

Philip, our system of traffic light along Brooke Drive is equally ridiculous. Try to experience the one located at the junction before you make a left turn to Jalan Keranji, especially at noon time.

rubberseeds said...

Yan, may I suggest that BP conducts a series of interviews to get comments and suggestions from the Sibu public on how to improve our road system?

rubberseeds said...

Tony,you are right. That section of Brooke Dive turning right into Jalan Keranji and turning left into Ngiu kee Supermarket area is so stupid and ridiculous.