Friday, May 16, 2008

Sibu's Bendy Roads: From Jalan Jelutong to Wisma Sanyan (Part 1)

I have to split into two parts the journey from Jalan Jelutong to Wisma Sanyan because I count 14 bends or turns along this slightly more than half a km journey, half of which is driving at the back lane. I guess if I don't split into two parts, the readers will not only feel dizzy after reading , but will probably faint. Picture No.1 is the first sharp bend (B1) as you begin your drive along Jalan Jelutong (Brooke Drive 9) to Wisma Sanyan. This bend is right beside the Joyful Montessori. Then you drive towards Jalan Sepetir (Brooke Drive 7) which is immediately behind the Telecom Office. Stop, turn right (B2), and drive further up until you see Lorong Sepetir 1.

Now you turn left (B3) into the narrow Lorong Sepetir 1 until you see Welmark Trading Company which is at the last corner shop.

This is Welmark Trading Company. Right infront of it you turn right (B4), drive a little further up until you see on your left the offices of Great Eastern Assurance , Airasia and Wisma Seng Ling. If you look carefully you will also see the Sibu Public Library at your extreme left. Then look to your right, you will see the back side of Methodist Secondary School.

Turn to your right (B5) From here you will be driving all along the back lane until you snake out to Jalan Kampong Nyabor.

Now you are driving behind the offices of Bank Pertanian, Maxis, Digi and Celcom. Don't drive past Aloha Coffee Shop because you have to make a u-turn back to your original position if you drive past here. Just before the back side of Aloha Coffee shop, you have to turn to your right (B6) Here you are driving behind the offices of World Sports, Big Thumb, Cloud 9 and MAS. The high concrete wall in white to your right is the fencing for the Methodist Secondary School. You have covered more or less half of the journey after 6 sharp turns. I really don't want you to get fainted, so rest for a while until I write part 2.


cutie said...

wow... must be very skillful driver only can use that road ya. ;)

rubberseeds said...

Skillful and also very careful. We have to drive slowly.