Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sebangkoi Nature Park, Sarikei

I had a very dreadful and unforgetable experience at this pond some 30 years ago. On a rainny afternoon I was almost drowned together with a 12 year-old girl while trying to save her from sinking into this pond. This place, called Sebangkoi, is about half an hour drive from Sarikei in central Sarawak. On most weekends and public holidays it attracts many visitors because of its nice scenery and some picnic facilities. The forested areas have a few clean mountain streams and a small waterfall. The pond below the waterfall is small, but it is quite deep, probably about 8'-10' at the deepest.Visitors so be very careful especially if you cannot swim. The authority has failed to plant a signboard there to warn visitors of the unsuspecting danger.For more information on this park please read articles at

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ubek said... that i always rumah panjang is so near to this place.heheh....