Friday, May 30, 2008

Malaysian Personality: Tan Sri Datuk Tiong Hiew King

Taken in his office in 1995 for a RH souvenir magazine. Tan Sri Tiong was very happy with this photo because he said he looked so much younger.

Taken in 1984 during the opening ceremony of RH's first steel bridge in Mujong, kapit. Tan Sri Tiong is at left (short sleeve, white shirt with tie). To his left in the centre is Datuk Haji Noor Tahir, former Sarawak Forestry Minister.

Greeting Tan Sri Hamdan Sirat, Acting Governor of Sarawak, on his arrival at the old Sibu airport in the 1980s. (above) Addressing his staff during a company's function in 1990s. White shirt and green tie is his trade mark. Green is his company's corporate colour. (below)

Searching through my old files and photo albums, I saw many old photos of outstanding personalities, most of them were or are still successful businessmen or politicians. So why not blog about these rich , powerful and famous people? I won't go into details, will only briefly mention about their background and their success stories. Tan Sri Tiong is currently one of the top ten richest men in Malaysia. Forbes puts him at No. 10 with a net worth of 1 billion USD. He is a self-made billionaire, born in a village not far from Sibu Town. In his younger days he worked as a timber grader in his uncle's timber company, WTK Organization. On May 13, 1975, he established his own timber logging company, Rimbunan Hijau Sdn Bhd.(RH) Rimbunan Hijau means forever green in mandarin. RH has since diversified into downstream timber processing, oil palm plantation, shipping, tourism, information technology, high technology, trading, media, cattle rearing, mining, oil exploration and many many more. The RH empire covers many countries in Asia, Asia Pacific, Russia, Africa, North and South America. Worth mentioning here is Tan Sri Tiong's tireless involvement and contributions to the development of the Chinese media industry in Malaysia and abroad. He bought over the ailing Sin Chew Daily and successfully turned it into the most successful chinese daily in the country.Other papers he controls in Malaysia include Guang Ming, China Press and Nanyang Siangpau.He also owns Ming Pao and Yazhou Zhoukan in Hong Kong,National in Papua New Guinea and several other newspapers in Asia and North America. Just recently he successfully merged several publishing houses in Malaysia and Hong Kong and turned them into the biggest chinese media house in the world. He is now popularly known as "Rupert Murdoch of Malaysia" and "Overseas Chinese Media Mogul".The humble and media-shy billionaire is also a well respected philanthropist for his generous contributions towards the development of Chinese education,Chinese culture and for helping the poor and less fortunate.

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