Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lembangan River in 1978

The above three pictures were taken in 1978 when the Lembangan River, right in the middle of Sibu town, was still an eyesore. The river was then infested with rows of ugly squatter huts built on floating logs. It was not after the tragic death of a young Iban boy who fell into the river from one of these huts that the authority decided to move in to dismantle all these huts. Gradually over the years the river was covered up and on top of it now stands the Sibu Central Market which is the biggest in Malaysia with more than 1,700 stalls. Part of the covered river in front of the Tanahmas Hotel has been transformed into a beautiful park with landscaped garden and water fountain.


cutie said...

these are very nice pictures of the olden days. Good shot!

Gaharuman said...

I like old back andwhitephotos. Hope you can post more of |Sibu