Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hope haze will not come this time.

The extreme hot weather here for the past week reminds me of the serious haze affecting us a decade ago. The above two photos were taken at around 3.30pm some ten years ago along Brooke Drive, Sibu. Visibility was very poor which forced many flights to be cancelled and also forced most businesses and offices to open only for half day.I remember schools were also closed for several days.The haze problem was mainly due to forest fires and burning of cleared land for agriculture purposes in Malaysian and Indonesian Borneo.Lets pray and hope that rain will shower upon us soon and there will be no haze this year.


Anonymous said...

i like this 2photos! Bring back the memories of old Sibu.

Bengbeng said...

the haze has been temporarily delayed i think. thank goodness!

rubberseeds said...

Anonymous: Thanks for reading my blog. Are you still residing in Sibu?

Bengbeng:Thanks to the heavy rain 2days ago. It is still hot and hazy, but at least a bit better.