Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Durin & Lanang Bridge

There are only two bridges across the mighty Rajang River, which is the longest in Malaysia. Both bridges are built near to Sibu Town. The Durin Bridge (above) is located about 50km from Sibu Town and 25km from Sibu Airport.It took many many years and many many many different contractors to complete building this bridge due to lack of fund and alleged mismanagement of the project. The ground breaking ceremony for this bridge was done by a former Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak, Datuk Patinggi Dr. Wong Soon Kai in the early 1990s but the bridge was only completed almost 15 years later. What a shame and embarrassment! But nevertheless, the final completion and commissioning of the bridge has brought much relief and convenience to road users who often had to queue for hours during festive seasons and public holidays to cross the river by ferry.

These above 4 pictures are the Lanang Bridge, which at 1.2km, is the present longest bridge in Sarawak. It was built by a private company with Chinese participation.If I am not wrong, the bridge was completed in just 3 years. The Lanang Bridge was located at the Upper Lanang Road area which is less than 5km from Sibu Town centre. A toll is payable at Lanang Bridge while Durin bridge is still toll-free now.


Anonymous said...

Because of the colour of the bridge and colour of the water, the image cannot be seen in the river. We have to paint the bridge black or red in order to get the image.

rubberseeds said...

Good will be interesting to have a colourful bridge.Paint it like a rainbow. It certainly will be a touirist attraction.