Saturday, May 10, 2008

Aerial views of Sibu in early 80s

These aerial photos of Sibu were taken from a heli , probably in 1981. I went up in a Hornbill Skyway helicopter and was seated in the front while my other two photographer friends were seated at the back. Picture 1 shows part of the Rajang River with the Pulau Babi Wharf and Kapit Wharf. The two tall buildings behind the wharves are the Tanahmas Hotel and Premier Hotel.

Another view of Sibu Town showing the Igan River on the right and Rajang River on the left.The 27-storey Wisma Sanyan and The Paramount Hotel had not been built.

This squatter area in Upper Lanang Road had been converted into a high class residential area called Pulau Li Hua. The white square in the middle of the picture is the Lanang Army Camp which still exists today.


cutie said...

this is terrific! So you actually took this from a helicopter ya? You own a heli? LOL

rubberseeds said...

If I own a heli, i would bring you travelling everyday. Did'nt you say that you want to see much of the interior of Borneo? A heli would be just nice for us to travel to these remote places.