Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vanishing Scenes

These photos were taken some 30 years ago in Bintangor and Sibu. The 1st photo was a group of men waiting with baskets at the Bintangor Jetty.They were the "Orange Boys" who were selling the local Bintangor oranges to arriving passengers. The 2nd photo was the "Kong Bian Man" from Hoe Ping Road,Sibu. Every morning he sold his personally baked "kong Bian" from street to street. Kong Bian is a kind of traditional Foochow bagel made from flour.The 3rd photo was a group of teenage "Newspaper Boys" at Market Road, Sibu. They were students from poor families who did this to earn extra money. The 4th photo was a man roasting coffee at an alley behind Kiew Siong Coffee Shop at Central Road, Sibu. He was an expert in this and his coffee was
very popular among the older folks. The 5th photo was a hawker at Market Road, Sibu. He sold home-made cakes and fresh soya bean drinks.

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