Friday, March 7, 2008

Ta Kiong at tHE Spring,Kuching

Until recently,many of us outside Sibu may not have heard of Ta Kiong Supermarket at all. The Sibu based supermarket which specialized in imported food, cholocates and wine was making headlines when it opened its biggest outlet at the newly completed shopping mall,tHE Spring, in Kuching on January 9, 2008. Ta Kiong was first established 50 years ago in 1957 at Market Road, Sibu. It was just a small and simple grocery store then. It later expanded to sell imported household items from Singapore and China. Further expansion was carried out in the 1980s when it opened a new outlet in Sibu to sell imported food items from Australia,Japan,Korea,Taiwan, Europe and the US. The commencement of business in Kuching was graced by the Chief Minister of Sarawak and his wife and many other dignitaries. Todate, it also has branches in Bintulu and Kota Kinabalu.


Anonymous said...

Yeah,I heard of Ta Kiong very famous in Sibu. Ta Kiong has been exist for many many yearsss... I found out their products very unique. All the best to TK.

Anonymous said...

if there is a shinning example of "Blue Ocean" strategy, this must be it! TK has consistently differentiated their offerings through meticulous sourcing of products to meet the ever-changing taste of the population in E. Malaysia, while benchmarking themselves against the best in KL, Singapore and Australia in terms of price & service. can be an interesting example for case-study for local university next door to The Spring :-)

Daniel Yiek said...

Going into Ta Kiong supermarket was a big deal for me as a kid from Sarikei in the 1970s. It was awe inspiring for a kid to see a supermart vs the old towkay type of business