Sunday, March 23, 2008

Production Of Square Logs

A decade ago the production of square logs or flitches was at an astonishingly rapid rate in Kalimantan Indonesia. Every where you went in Central and South kalimantan provinces you would see the village people felling trees and cutting them into square logs. It was believed that many of these operations were illegal as the felling of trees were in protected forests or some body's else timber concessions. In some cases the operation would involve the whole village and non-stop for 24 hours a day. The square logs were transported out from the forest to the nearest wharf by lorries, but in areas not accessible by roads, they were transported out by boats, bicycles and even by cows. The most popular species of timber cut into square logs were Selangan Batu, Meranti, Kapor, Ulin and Menggeris. They were mainly used for making flooring, door frames, railway sleepers and outdoor furniture.

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