Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Pleasure Of Ear Cleansing

Close one eye, and enjoy the pleasure of getting your ears cleansed. How many of you love going to the hair saloon not to shampoo your hair or having a hair cut, but only to get your ears cleansed? I do that sometimes when I really need some one to totally and thoroughly cleanse my ears professionally. A skillful "Ear Cleaner" would really make you relax and let you enjoy the whole process while she carefully and tenderly uses all her ear cleansing tools to scoop out all the dirts inside your ears. A friend who was so addicted to this that he went to the saloon every day to cleanse his ears."One ear one day, today I have my right ear cleansed and tomorrow will be the left ear", that was what I remember he was telling me.

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friendship_forever said...

Oh I like that too. Haha... By the way, please come to join me fighting for the seals.