Monday, March 3, 2008

The one and only Melanau longhouse

This Melanau longhouse at Kampong Sok, Matu,was built in 1872 with 4 families. In 1888 it was extended to 26 families. This is the one and only remaining traditional Melanau longhouse in the whole of Sarawak. The Melanaus, like the Malays, mostly live in wooden houses built on stilts along the rivers near the coastal areas. In the olden days however there were some Melanau longhouses which were similar to the longhouses of the Ibans. The government is now preserving this longhouse and treat it as a cultural heritage. There are still seven families living in this longouse. This legendary longhouse remains shrounded in mysteries. Over the years the longhouse welcomes visitors from near and far. The main structure of the longhouse which was built with the belian wood (Borneo Iron Wood) still ramains intact. The walls, floor and roof have been renovated many times.

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