Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mekong River At Mythoi,Vietnam

The 4,300 Km long Mekong River is South East Asia's longest river. It is the tenth longest in the world. It begins among the glaciers of Tiebt and ends by flowing into the South China Sea. It runs through 6 nations and forms the border between 3 countries. It is not only an important source of water for the people in these countries, but it is also home to many rare species of fish and other animals. One of the most extraordinary is the giant Mekong Catfish which can grow to over 300 Kg. Like most rivers in the developing countries in Asia and else where, Mekong River has been a victim of development. Serious pollution and deforestation has threatened the survival of many endemic fish, plant and animal species throughout the length of the river. One of the delightful and interesting sights on the Mekong River is the presence of a long line of boats in the early morning when farmers transport their agricultural produces on the boats to sell them in the floating markets.

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