Monday, March 3, 2008

Matu Daro District

The Matu Daro district is located in the Sarikei Division of Sarawak. At present it can be only reached by boat from Sarikei and also Sibu. It takes one and a half hour to travel from Sarikei and two hours from Sibu. When the new road and several bridges are constructed from Sibu to Tg. Manis, one can also travel by road to Matu Daro. The earliest boat from Sibu leaves at 7.30 am and the latest boat returing from the town of Daro is at 3 pm. The boat stops at Daro town and if you are continuing your journey to Matu town, you need to take a private van which takes another half an hour. A big "Ikan Terubok", which is the symbol of Daro, welcomes you as soon as you walk up the jetty to the main street. Both Matu and Daro are very old town with more than 100 years' history. In both towns,there are still several rows of old wooden shophouses built near to the river. In recent years the district has seen many government and private developmet. Daro town in particular, is fast being transformed into a small modern town. The majority of the population here are the Melanaus who are mainly fishermen and farmers. Small scale planting of oil plam has also been taken up recently by the farmers there.

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