Sunday, March 23, 2008

Giant Mushroom In The House

I took this picture about 25 years ago in a single storey terrace house. The old Iban lady staying in this house had a shock of her life when she discovered a giant mushroom sprouting out from beneath the floor of the living room. She was scared and believed it was something eveil. She protected it by covering it with a wire netting until it died about 3 weeks later.


Anonymous said...

emm..i wonder what kind of mushroom was that..nice pic, did u really take this pic? 25 yrs ago..

cutie said...

Eh, that lady... err... topless ar?

rubberseeds said...

Anonymous: Yes, photo was taken 25 years ago

Cutie: Most of the old Iban ladies in the longouses usually did not wear a bra in the olden days. Some still do not wear one these days.You better donate all your old bras to them!