Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cattle Egret

These birds are so common now that we see them every day and every where. The cattle egret has grown to large numbers in the last few years. I believe the number must be in the thousands. From the low land areas in the coastal regions to the pockets of flat land in the interior as far inland as Kapit, we see them in small groups particularly near to rivers or ponds. They must be very adaptable to all kinds of environment. I was travelling to the coastal town of Matu when I came across a small herd of cows grazing on the grass along the road, and in no time more than ten egrets have also arrived . As the cows move on the grass, insects such as grasshoppers and crickets are disturbed and they start to jump and fly. This is the best opportunity for the egrets to catch the escaping insects. The egrets would also eat any insects and bugs they notice on the body of the cows. The white egrets are beautiful birds especially when they are in flight.

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