Thursday, February 28, 2008

Is it true friendship?

Yet another story on funny animals. Here are two most unusual friends...a monkey and a kitten. Both are of the furry kind, but totally different species. How could they be such passionate friends? The monkey was kept as a pet and it was chained to an unoccupied chicken hut. The kitten belonged to a neighbour and he came to play with the monkey every day, rain or shine. This close relationship had been going go for many weeks before the owner of the monkey decided to call me to have a photo session of them. I did'nt wait for long to see the kitten coming near to the hut on the ground and his monkey friend quickily climbed down to carry him up the chicken hut. Suspicious that I might hurt his friend, the monkey closely guarded his kitten friend by holding him close to his chest. After he felt safe, he continued to pull the kitten up to the top of the chicken hut where they played with each other.How would you explain this? A case of mistaken identity or is it true freindship?

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