Friday, February 29, 2008

Vietnamese Rosewood Furniture

If you appreciate wood, you will certainly love to see these pictures of unique and rare Vietnamese Rosewood furniture. My Vietnamese friend brought me to see a house built mainly of the expensive Rosewood. This house belongs to "some body" who could be a retired senior military officer because he showed me several old photos of himself with some top military personnel. I did'nt border to ask more about his background because I was more interested in his collection of Rosewood furniture. The first picture shows a sofa set of 4 chairs and 1 table made from the roots of the tree. In the second picture we can see many wooden furniture, but the subject of interest is the big bed made of solid Rosewood. The third picture shows a long dinning table which is also made from a single piece of soild Rosewood. According to my friend,these furniture would not only worth a lot of money but they are also status symbols of a rich and influential people. Before I left I did ask the owner what would be the value of the house with all the furniture. He whispered to me that it would worth at least half a million US dollar.


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