Friday, February 29, 2008

Snake meat

Are you already getting fed up of reading my post on meat and seeing pictures of blood? I know it is cruel and disgusting, but it is life here in Borneo.Well, I promise this is the last post on meat until I have better ones to share with you. A few months back I visited Kapit which is 3 hours by boat from Sibu with another photographer friend. It has been many years since my last visit to this up river town which is very interesting. At a local market I discovered this piece of meat, (pictured above) gauging from the skin I already guessed it was snake meat. I confirmed it with the hawker there and what he told me was indeed most shocking. It was a 32-foot long python! Imagine how long it is at 32 feet...and imagine it was a man-eating python. If I am not wrong, a live 25-foot long python would fetch a hefty price of several hundred thousands US dollars. So imagine again how much you would gain from this 32-foot long python if you manage to catch it alive. Human are always greedy and have unsatisfiable demand for all kinds of food....including the meat of this python. Have you ever tried snake meat?

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