Friday, February 29, 2008

Quy Nhon, Central Vietnam

Lets leave Borneo temporarily for a break to have a nice holiday in Quy Nhon, Central Vietnam. I have been to south Vietnam 7 times, the first in 1994. Places that I have visited include Ho Chi Minh City(HCMC), Cantho, Dong Nai, Mythoi and Quy Nhon. From KL the MAS-Vietnam Air joint flight to HCMC takes only one an a half hour. Quy Nhon is a seaside town in Central Vietnam. It is an hour flight from HCMC. Surprisingly at Quy Nhon, they still use the military airport there. So when there is an exercise by the air force, commercial aeroplanes have to delay take-off or touch down. Quy Nhon town is facing the sea and behind it are several mountain ranges. The first 3 pictures above show the streets in the town. The 4th picture is the beach right infront of the town and the 5th picture shows a section of the town. The rest of the pictures were taken at the Life Resort which was operated by an Austrian. Two things you must do in Quy Nhon are (1) sampling the Vietnamese food, especially the seafood (2) experience the traditional Vietnamese massage. Food and massage are both very cheap here. And remember you must change enough US dollars, especially those in smaller denominations to spend there. Malaysian Ringgit is not accepted and credit cards are rarely used. Vietnamese Dong is very small....1 RM is approximately 4,000 Dong and 1USD is about 15,000 Dong. You will be a millionaire many times over once you landed in Vietnam!

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