Thursday, February 28, 2008

Murderers of a lovely dog

I will continue to write on political matters some other time. Here I am sharing with you 3 pictures of how a lovely dog was killed and set on fire for the human stomach. These photos were taken in an Iban longhouse near Sibu in mid 1980s. The dog which belonged to one of the longhouse residents was put inside a gunny sack and then clubbed to death. Then as the first picture shows, its hind legs were tied to a long rope and the other end of the rope was tied to an wooden pole leaning against a coconut tree. Directly below the poor thing over its head was a pile of dry coconut leaves. The second picture shows the dog totally engulfed in the fire which would get rid of all its hair and half cook its meat. When the fire died down in just less than 5 minutes, the charred body of the dog was taken to the river side....opened up the stomach with a sharp knife, clean the body and chopped into the desired pieces. Usually its stomach and head were just thrown away into the river. There are several ways to cook dog meat. The most popular one is to cook with spices and lemon leaves. Many Ibans and Chinese believe that eating dog meat will protect you from evil spirits, make you a stronger person physically and sexually. This cruel and very inhuman practice perhaps would never happen in any western country which I believe, is treating dog as an equal member of the family. But in many poor and undeveloped asian countries dogs continue to be sacrificed for human's superstitious beliefs.


Anonymous said...

Well one man's meat is another's poison. Some will argue that dog, like chicken, beef or pork is just another meat.

rubberseeds said...

But dog is man's best friend. Just feel cruel to kill and eat it.