Friday, February 29, 2008

Mum's greatest love

This dog which belongs to a relative of mine in Bintulu gave birth to 3 puppies a few months ago.He gave away 2 of the puppies to neighbours across the road. The mother dog was angry to find her siblings missing. She suspected that they had been stolen. So the next day she went up the small hill behind the house to build a den. After the new home was ready, the mother dog moved her puppy there by carrying it with her mouth. These actions of the mother dog really moved my relative so he went up the hill to plead for her return to stay in her orginal hut near the house. The mother dog obliged, but she remained suspicious. From that day onwards whenever strangers visited my relative's house, the mother dog would carry her puppy to hide it in the den. It is a true story...and when I visited my relative, I took this picture of the mother dog carrying her puppy to the den.

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