Friday, February 29, 2008

The missing nest

I accidentally came across this nest with 2 eggs two months ago while on a solo photo hunting trip in a secondary jungle. The mother bird flew away when I approached the nest. I carefully took a few photos of the nest and left the place undisturbed. I planned to come back in a week's time to check if the eggs had hatched. OMG, when I returned, I found the whole nest had disappeared. It could not be that I missed the exact location of the nest as I had marked the place with a tiny green thread and also had taken several pictures of the surrounding areas for me to refer to when I return. Still puzzled, surely the mother did'nt relocate the eggs together with the nest. What do you think? where has it gone? Do you think a huge hungry python had swallowed the whole thing?


Borneo Born said...

Many bird eggs and nestlings are eaten by predators before they hatch or become big enough to fly. Snakes, monitor lizards, other birds, rats, squirrels, wild cats and civets are all eggs and birdlings eaters... That's part of life. :)

rubberseeds said...

Yes,I agree with you totally that predators will eat the eggs and destroy the nest and may even eat the mother bird if she does not escape in time.