Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fighting for love

In the animal world, it is always the strong and powerful who can get all the wishes. Be it fighting for food,territory or mating rights. For the crocodiles, size really matters. It is usually the bigger the size, the more powerful it is.These two male crocodiles are fighting for the rights to mate a female crocodile who is waiting beneath them. The fight is really intense and certainly also as cruel.Both wage on for more than an hour and finally the loser, with bruises and cuts all over the head, quietly swims away. The partner in waiting slowly surface herself to claim the winning if there is an unwritten agreement between them. What a wonderful world! I believe not many of us know how the crocodiles perform sex. These two crocodiles have an agreement with me not to show photos of their intimate my dear readers, comment here on what you know or guess on how they make love .

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