Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bidayuh Longhouses at Kampong Anah Rais

Two weeks ago I visited some Bidayuh longhouses at Kampong Anah Rais which is one and a half hour drive from Kuching City in the Padawan District. In this village there are 5-6 longhouses which are still quite traditional in appearance dispite the presence of most modern ammenities such as electricty and satellite TV. The longhouses are mainly built of wood and bamboo which are readily available in the nearby forests. Kampong Anah Rais has been actively promoted as a tourist attraction in recent years. Tourists/visitors need to pay an entrance fee of RM8.00 per person. The Bidayuh who are also called the Land Dayak are mainly concentrated in the Padawan, Serian and Lundu districts of Kuching.


cutie said...

Wow! This is the first time I see long house. It's long. haha... and I always thought it's like rumah attap in a row. Nice post!

rubberseeds said...

Longhouses in Borneo are getting more modern now. Some are very similar to the terrace houses in the urban areas.I have seen one really long longhouse in Baram (Miri) which has about 200 families.