Saturday, February 10, 2007

Terindak- The Melanau Hats

The beautiful and colourful hand-made hats of Sarawak's natives are not only for decoration purposes, but they are also used for protection against the sun and rain. Most natives live close to the forests where they have easy access to plentiful resources such as rattan, bamboo and palm leaves for making various kinds of hats , bags and mats. The conical Melanau sun hat called the Terindak is one of the most distinctive hats among the natives.

The Terindak is made with nipah leaves stitched together and strengthened with colourful bamboo strips on the outside, radiating from the centre point. The design of the Terindak has been successfully incorporated into the architectural designs of Sarawak as it is very much evident in many modern buildings especially in several regions of central Sarawak.
In Mukah Division where the Melanau population is concentrated, the Terindak design is applied on the buildings of the market and the divisional administrative complex as well as several other commercial buildings. And in Sibu, it is applied on the 27-storey Wisma Sanyan which is the tallest building in Borneo and also on a glass structure at the Sibu Gateway.

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