Friday, February 9, 2007

Rural vs urban

Sarawak is a state of rivers and along the banks of these rivers there are several thousand longhouses where the indigenous people dwell. All together there are some 30 different races of people. Because of its remote and hilly nature, very often the only means of transport is by river. Long boats or dug-out canoes are just like the cars on the road. They are used to transport people and goods. On a recent trip to visit an old Iban friend who is a retired army officer, I took the above picture of parents transporting their young children to attend school. Indeed if we are to compare our children with these rural children, our children are the fortunate lot...having everything prepared for them by parents or the maids, yet they would complain about so many things. Many rural children are boarders, and very often after the boat trip they have to walk a few kilometers to reach their schools.Perhaps a major compensation for these rural children is they don't have to experience the hassle of a bad traffic jam travelling by the family boat.

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