Friday, February 9, 2007


Another armed robbery on the streets of Malaysia? No no, but this picture really is alarming if I were not to tell you that the "robbers" in the picture are members of the same family about to board their car after a morning of shopping. Two guys, one at the back and the little boy at the right are carrying toy guns. All doors of the parked car are opened up...making it like the "robbers" are forcing the people inside the car to get out. But infact the doors are deliberately opened to allow hot air to escape before the family moves in. I am very disturbed and saddened by the news of the tragic and senseless death of Datuk Albert Ma, the former Chief Police Officer of Penang. At age 82, he died three days after sustaining serious head and body injuries while trying to fight single-handedly five armed robbers who broke into his house on February 9 in Petaling Jaya. The escalating serious crime wave in the country is indeed very alarming and disturbing to all peace loving citizens. Looks like no one is safe and no place is safe in our country. I hope with the death of a former top crime-buster as the latest victim of serious crime, our present police will go out in full force to combat crime in the country. According to newspaper report, the late Datuk Albert Ma was the boss and mentor of our present Inspector General of Police, Tan Sri Musa Hassan.

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