Thursday, February 8, 2007

New Life

A picture tells a thousand words. This picture which I took while jungle trekking has given me a lot of inspiration and encouragement. To me the young leaf represents a new life, it is full of energy and it has strong determination to survive and to succeed. When I am down and out, many of my pictures cheer me up......just like someone whispering in my ears asking me to be strong and get on with life


saoirse said...

Agree on you, some pictures can really cheer us up and inspire us at times. I'll put up more pics in my site... let's share the nice things together!

BTW, I really like you pic!

rubberseeds said...

Thanks for your comments. I look forward to sharing a lot of things with you online. I just started blogging, so I have to learn a lot from you too.

saoirse said...

You are very humble. In fact, I just started blogging too. Let's share what we know ok? ;)