Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Golden Fish

The most expensive fish in Sarawak must be the "Empurau" (Tor Tambroides). A kilogram in the market is now selling at RM320 (about USD92). With the Chinese new year around the corner, the price is likely to increase to RM400. "Empurau" is native to Sarawak. It only survives in the fast flowing clean rivers of interior Sarawak, particularly in the upper Rajang, Baram and Ulu Ai. Due to pollution of these rivers mainly by deforestation activities, the fish is becoming quite rare now. However an important breakthrough was achieved in 2004 with the successful artificial breeding of the fish for the first time in Sarawak. "Empurau" fish is very tender and "sweet" and it is normally only steamed although occassionally its head is also cooked with curry. A dish of "Empurau" curry fish head of one kilogram is served at RM700 in a Sibu restaurant.In recent years "Empurau" fish has become a hot and popular gift item with many businessmen buying and stocking it to be given away as gift or present to their important clients, suppliers or politicians at the appropriate time or occassion. The "Empurau" fish in the above picture weighs 25 kilograms, that is a hefty RM8,000 or more.


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Poor fellow like me can only afford 'ikan paloi'!!! Only on special occasion!'Sung hock' as it is know in west m'sia! Have a nice day!

Jessyca said...

My dad also purposely go Sarawak to buy empurau fish and then fly back to KL. Maybe the chef did a bad job. I didnt feel anything special..or extraordinary sweet..just that very fresh